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nacelnikDear traders, entrepreneurs and potential investors

Welcome to the Invest Prnjavor website – an internet service intended exclusively to the private sector! It is our wish that Prnjavor be a pleasant place for everyone to do business, with Prnjavor Municipal Administration as your partner and support in all respects!

Dynamic development of local economy represents our joint, key strategic commitment. Creating a business-friendly environment, in that respect, is not only an intention but also a strong commitment of the Prnjavor Municipal Administration, with a view to strengthening current economic operators, assisting you in becoming more competitive, not only in local but also in foreign markets, supporting your development, accommodating you whenever you encounter problems, and attracting new direct investments, which will further contribute to Prnjavor’s transformation from “Little Europe” to “Europe in miniature”.

On the Invest Prnjavor website you may get information on the situation regarding local economy – we will regularly update you on economic development, trends in the development of entrepreneurship, employment, general financial business of economic operators, foreign trade trends, as well as the situation in sectors with development potentials. This is the place where we will be pleased to promote the most successful traders and entrepreneurs, major employers, investors and exporters, as an example for others.

Potential investors will have the opportunity to get informed about available locations for investment and their infrastructure in terms of roads, utilities and business, as well as current offer of business premises. Guide for investors and Guide for issuing construction permits will help you get initial information on the steps to be taken in starting a business, costs of doing business, and all services available in the Centre for Investors within the Section for Development and Entrepreneurship. In addition, potential investors will be able to get information on already present investors, priority sectors for investments, key suppliers and available human resources.

Micro, small and medium enterprises, as well as entrepreneurs will regularly receive updated service information and news on planned programme support to entrepreneurship at all stages of business, as monetary and non-monetary support, incentives, subsidies and grants, as well as the possibilities for education and participation in projects intended for strengthening economic competitiveness.

Continuity and quality of public-private dialogue is of particular importance for the overall economic development of the Prnjavor Municipality. It is ensured through the Economic Council and other forms of direct communication between the Mayor and Department for Local Economic Development and Social Activities and business representatives. This website will provide you with information of the topics of meetings of the Economic Council, but also the possibility to monitor proposed initiatives, how they were considered and resolved. This website should be a forum for all traders and entrepreneurs, the possibility for them to be heard by being included in different forms of non-institutional public-private dialogue.

Our success will depend on the joint engagement of all local resources, increase of productivity, better marketing and the ability to adapt to new, dynamic changes and requirements of the market in the country and region!

Yours sincerely,

Darko Tomaš,