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The Prnjavor Municipality, through its Department for Local Economic Development and Social Activities and the Centre for Investors, supports interested traders and investors in making an investment in the territory of the municipality in a fast and efficient way, with as low costs and reduced administrative procedures as possible. In that respect, the following services are available:


Support in identifying suitable location for investment

Providing information on plots for construction and starting an investment - availability, ownership, characteristics of land, indicative costs and method of purchase, situation regarding infrastructure, benefits at purchase and similar.
Providing information on available used (brownfield) facilities for lease or purchase.
Mediating in contacts with competent institutions and organisational units of the Prnjavor Municipality related to identifying suitable location.
Organising visits to locations and mediating in negotiations with private owners (if facility or land is privately owned).


Support in registering companies

Providing information on requirements, procedure and costs of establishing a company (limited liability company or joint-stock company). Connecting with competent institutions and mediators (one-stop-shop of APIF /Intermediary Agency for IT and financial services/, public notaries, Tax Administration, etc.). Information on required documents, making a seal, fiscalisation, registering in the VAT system, obtaining a customs number and other aspects of registration in terms of administration and costs. Support at investor’s request in specific steps of the process.


Support to the promotion of local economy

Providing information to entrepreneurs and traders on developments important for business (fairs, B2B meetings, etc.). Promotion of local companies and entrepreneurs through different channels (Internet/web, guides, advertising, FB, ppt).


Business networking and mediating

Mediating in local entrepreneurs’ appearing at targeted fairs and B2B meetings. Mediating and connecting companies not doing business in the territory of the Prnjavor Municipality with local companies for the purpose of establishing cooperation. Mediating in identifying proper consultants for filling in applications for grants offered by donors, developing business plans and investment studies. Providing information on suppliers of raw materials and reproduction materials at local level supporting industrial manufacturers. Networking with institutions of interest for business – Employment Service at local level, RS Chamber of Commerce, RS representation offices worldwide, FIPA-Foreign Investment Promotion Agency, representation offices of trade departments of embassies in BiH, education institutions, design companies, accounting companies and legal and notary offices in the territory of the Prnjavor Municipality.


Providing information and representation in issuing location approval, construction permit and certificate of occupancy

Providing information on the process and costs of issuing location approval and requirements for construction on the site, method of determining the costs of development of city urban land. Providing information and representation in the process of submitting applications for location approval, construction permit, method of determining costs of rent and issuing construction permit, environmental permit, fire prevention approval, water approval, agricultural approval, electricity and telecommunication approvals. Providing information and support in the process of submitting application for certificate of occupancy.


Providing information regarding labour market

Providing information to interested investors on available workforce in the territory of the Prnjavor Municipality.
Providing information on costs of work in the territory of the municipality.
Providing information on education institutions in the territory of the municipality and surrounding area.
Providing information on labour legislation.


Advice regarding access to incentives and grants

Providing information on available incentives or grants for the development of business activities.
Advice and support in applying for incentives or grants.