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Economy profile - Prnjavor 2017

The Prnjavor Municipality is one of rather developed municipalities in BiH in terms of economy due to its good geographic position, quality locations for investment, and partner and transparent relationship with investors. In 2017, the Prnjavor Municipality had 884 economic operators, accomplishing profit of BAM 37.7 million (approximately EUR 19 million).

The Prnjavor Municipality is one of the leaders in the region regarding the export of products. In 2017, Prnjavor achieved the export of BAM 204.6 million, and imported goods and services of BAM 121.74 million. The main export sectors are wood processing, metal processing and food sector. Economic operators from Prnjavor export to five continents, 38 countries worldwide. Export from Prnjavor makes up 12% of the total export from Banja Luka region, 5.88% of the total export from the Republika Srpska, and 1.8% of the total export from BiH.

The Prnjavor Municipality has a strong manufacturing industry:

  • Majority of SMEs (51%) is in the manufacturing industry.
  • 47% of entire income of the economy of the Prnjavor Municipality is accomplished in the manufacturing industry.
  • Economic operators in the manufacturing industry accomplished biggest profit (approximately 72%) and are major employers – 29.3% of the total number of the employed works in the manufacturing industry.
  • 75% of the total export is accomplished by economic operators in the manufacturing industry.

Prnjavor continues investing in sectors with development potential and long tradition: metal processing, wood processing, food industry, construction sector, commerce. Since 2015, the number of the unemployed constantly decreases and number of the employed increases.