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Municipal charges and fees

Following the registration, the business entity is obliged to pay the following municipal charges and fees:

  • Utility charge
  • Utility fee
  • Charge for the development of construction land
  • Rent
  • Municipal administrative fee

Prices of utility services



Prices of communication services



Other costs


Price of land

In the industrial zone Vijaka : selling conditions have been defined under the Rulebook on conditions and method of disposal of real estate owned by the Prnjavor Municipality, in order to implement an investment project of special importance for local economic development, under the market price or free of charge.

Renting of business space in inner town (assessment): 7.00 – 15.00 BAM/m2


Indicative price of construction per m2:

  • Production halls: BAM 300 - 500
  • Business and residential area: BAM 800 - 1000



Membership in chambers of commerce

Membership in BiH Foreign Trade Chamber

Membership is mandatory for all importers and exporters. Basis for the calculation of Chamber membership fee is total quarterly import carried out or gross salary of employees shown in the final statement. Membership fee rate amounts to 0.1% (for the financial sector, transport and communications: 0.2%), while minimum membership fee amounts to BAM 60.

Membership in the Chamber of Commerce of the Republika Srpska

Members of the Chamber: companies, banks, insurance companies and other financial organisations carrying out economic activity in the Republika Srpska.

Members of the Chamber can be other entities carrying out an activity of importance to the economy.

Basis for the calculation of membership fee is the total income shown in the income statement for the previous year.

Membership fee rates:

  1. 0.03% to the total generated income above BAM 600,000 to BAM 100,000,000, whereby it may not exceed BAM 20.000 on the annual level,
  2. 0.02% to the total income above BAM 100,000,000, whereby it may not exceed BAM 7,500 on the monthly level. Members of the Chamber generating the total income between BAM 360,000 and BAM 600,000 pay the membership fee in the amount of BAM 15 per month. Members of the Chamber who generated the total income under BAM 360,000 pay the membership fee at the rate of 0.05%.

Other entities carrying out an activity of importance to the economy pay the membership fee at a flat rate. The amount of the membership fee is determined by the Steering Board of the Chamber.