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Current business zones in the territory of the Prnjavor Municipality include the following locations:

  • Business zone  Export City i HGP,
  • Business zone  Jelšingrad i Standard,
  • Business zone  Topling i Sanino,
  • Business zone  Stara Vijaka

Nova Business zone Vijaka

poslovne zone

Most of the business zones in the territory of the municipality are occupied while the greatest potential for development and attracting new investments is with the new Business zone Vijaka, which will be put into function in three stages.

Business and tourist zone Vijaka

Business and tourist zone Vijaka covers the surface of 322.14 ha. The Regulation Plan was adopted for this business zone and there are ongoing activities regarding solving of property relations on the referenced land. Business and tourist zone Vijaka is located in the vicinity of a trunk road Banjaluka - Prnjavor - Derventa (M-16) and intersection of trunk road M-16 and regional road R-474 (Čelinac – Prnjavor - Srbac, Srbac – Prnjavor - Doboj), and motorway Banja Luka – Doboj “9 January“. This motorway will ensure crosslinking of European E route E-661 and corridor Vc, thus including the Republika Srpska in the development of road infrastructure of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

isparcelisano zemljiste vijaka

Land divided into lots in business zone Vijaka

Business zone Vijaka will be placed in the function in three stages, in line with regulation plan as indicated in the document below:




Situation regarding spatial and planning documents

The Prnjavor Municipality is well covered by strategic and implementing spatial and planning documents (more than 30 regulation plans and town-planning solutions).

By adopting the Town-Planning Scheme “Prnjavor” the territory of urban part of the town will be expanded (VI zona of the scope of town construction land), and there will be the need for drafting new implementing spatial and planning documents.

The Spatial Plan of the Prnjavor Municipality was adopted in 2012 for the period 2010-2030. The planning document includes the territory of the municipality of 630 km² and describes the situation related to organisation, development and use of area (territory, population, settlements, natural conditions and resources, infrastructure, economic activities, public services and other social activities), assessment of the situation, needs, possibilities and objectives of the organisation, development and use of the area, environmental protection and provisions and guidelines for the implementation of the plan.

The Town-Planning Scheme “Prnjavor” is a strategic document related to the period 2017-2037. There is ongoing drafting of Decision for adoption of the final document. Decision on developing Town-Planning Scheme “Prnjavor” was adopted at the session of the municipal assembly held on 14 May 2015. It is usually issued for the planning period of 20 years. The planning document includes urban area of Prnjavor at the surface of 20.85 km² or 2,084.8 ha. The scope of the Town-Planning Scheme includes 3.31% of territory. Planning solutions and measures foresee the improvement of the environment – construction of sewage system and waste water treatment plant, development of watercourses, organised collection of utility waste and construction of the centre for the collection and separation of waste. The construction of new roads was proposed to reduce the intensity of traffic in inner town. As regards spatial organisation of economy, the pre-draft of the Town-Planning Scheme “Prnjavor” proposes to avoid situating industrial capacities largely affecting the environment.

In the forthcoming period, plans due will be reviewed and amended, while plans initiated or ongoing will be finalised.


Spatial and planning documents of the Prnjavor Municipality

Spatial Plan of the Prnjavor Municipality 2010-2030

Town-Planning Scheme – spatial organisation

Regulation Plan of Business and Tourist Zone Vijaka

Amendment to the part of Regulation Plan p of Business and Tourist Zone Vijaka