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UC „Vodovod“ a.d. PRNJAVOR

vodovodDirector: Ljubiša Sibinčić
Address: Živojina Preradovića bb


Telephone: 051/655-468

Duty service: 051/695-236
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Website: www.vodovod-prnjavor.com

The main activity of the company is production and distribution of water and drainage of waste water.

In order to supply Prnjavor with water, the company takes water from storage reservoir Drenova, and partly from the water source Povelič. The company owns urban water supply network of approximately 232 kilometres, rural water supply network of approximately 115 kilometres, sewage network of approximately 50 kilometres, a factory for processing potable water in Kremna, several distribution reservoirs, as well as trunk and distribution pipelines. In addition, the company has all the means and machines for performing their basic activity.

UC „Park“ a.d. PRNJAVOR

parkDirector: Živojin Novarlić
Address: Živojina Preradovića bb

Telephone: 051/660-685

Main activities of the company

  • Processing and disposal of non-hazardous waste,
  • Recycling (processing) of classified materials,
  • Road transport of goods,
  • Rental and management of own real estate or leased real estate (leasing),
  • Basic cleaning of buildings,
  • Other activities of cleaning,
  • Service activities of development and maintenance of green areas,
  • Other entertaining and recreational activities,
  • Funeral and related activities.