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Individuals wishing for the first time to start up a business may get the following services within the Programme of support to entrepreneurship:

  • Universal advice for the start-up within internet presentation for traders;
  • Consultation and advice related to presentation, defining and testing business idea and/or business plan (what is the service or product, to whom is it intended, what is innovative, what is the relationship between the supply and demand, potential channels of distribution, etc.);
  • Interpretation of procedures, assistance in filling in applications forms for different purposes;
  • Support in identifying required workforce and, where necessary, mediation in the procedure of upskilling and reskilling of workers;
  • Mediation in organizing educational events in the field of business start-up;
  • Advice and consultation related to identifying optimal source of funding, including:
    • Domestic sources of funding (Republika Srpska Government – assigning budgetary funds as support within development plans of ministries),
    • Republika Srpska Investment and Development Bank – credit lines intended for entrepreneurs and companies for start-up and development of business,
    • Republika Srpska Guarantee Fund – guarantees intended for entrepreneurs with quality and promising projects, who are not able to ensure guarantee at a commercial bank,
    • Republika Srpska Employment Service – granting funds per employment and self-employment projects,
    • Commercial banks – credit funds for start-up and business operations,
    • European and bilateral grant-schemes for the development of entrepreneurship,
    • Development credits of international financial institutions for entrepreneurship,
    • Interested private financiers and potential partners.
  • Support in the preparation of documents and applications for programmes of support to entrepreneurship at national, international and local levels;

registracijaRegistration of entrepreneurs. Prnjavor Municipal Administration registers entrepreneurs

pursuant to the Law on Crafts and Entrepreneurship of the Republika Srpska (RS Official Gazette, no. 117/2011, 121/2012, 67/2013 and 44/2016), while Regulation on Entrepreneurship (RS Official Gazette, no. 25/2015) contains the list of activities that an entrepreneur may carry out. An individual intending to carry out an entrepreneurial activity must submit an application to the Prnjavor Municipal Administration directly, by mail or electronically. The application form with instruction for filling in may be obtained in the public counters hall of the Prnjavor Municipality, and downloaded from official website of the Prnjavor Municipal Administration. Filled-in application form and accompanying documents are to be submitted in the public counters hall of the municipal administration building, and if it is duly filled in and complete, the deadline for issuing a registration decision is two working days (see Guide for registration of entrepreneurs of the Prnjavor Municipality).

Support to persons intending to register entrepreneurial shop includes:

  • Information on documents required for registration;
  • Assistance in filling in the registration application form;
  • Determining codes of activity;
  • Information on bookkeeping agencies that may be hired, companies making the seals, procedure of obtaining special approvals, if necessary (Regulation on Entrepreneurial Activities, RS Official Gazette, no. 25/15); on the costs to incur by starting the business.

Expected result of this kind of support is simplified process of starting-up the business, which may be measured by the increase of the number of registered entrepreneurs in comparison to previous years, with particular focus on sensitive social categories.