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The Section for Local Economic Development (LED) and Entrepreneurship has been established within the Department for Local Economic Development and Social Activities of the Prnjavor Municipal Administration. Its mission is to contribute systematically to the improvement of business environment, increase of competitiveness of economic operators, reduction of unemployment and improvement of overall quality of life of the population of the Prnjavor Municipality.

The Section is the key holder and coordinating body of tasks and activities directed to the improvement of development processes in the territory of the Prnjavor Municipality through:

  • Promoting the Prnjavor Municipality as a business-friendly environment,
  • Supporting economic operators and entrepreneurs doing business in the territory of the Prnjavor Municipality,
  • Promoting local economy,
  • Identifying and attracting domestic and foreign investors,
  • Improving and shortening administrative procedures,
  • Developing and implementing strategy of integrated local development,
  • Identifying donor funds for development projects,

Work plan and objectives of the Section have been divided into several areas, where the main courses of action have been directed to attracting domestic and foreign investments and assisting current business community. The Section invests efforts in improving business climate in the Prnjavor Municipality and encouraging faster economic development of the municipality and improving quality of life. Its main tasks include:

  • Preparing promotional material positioning the Prnjavor Municipality as a favourable place for investments, doing business and living,
  • Establishing and updating databases important for attracting potential investors and business operations of current economy,
  • Establishing and maintaining public-private dialogue,
  • Timely informing potential investors and current traders on requirements for doing business, investment possibilities, available support programmes and incentives at local and national levels,
  • Identifying needs and problems, collecting and implementing initiatives of local business community in cooperation with private, public and non-governmental sector, as well as encouraging private-public dialogue,
  • Preparing and monitoring the implementation of projects related to local economic development.
  • Strengthening capacities for managing local economic development within GIZ EU ProLocal project