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Municipal Economic Council was established for the purpose of determining a specific framework for the improvement of business environment and strengthening of competitiveness in the Prnjavor Municipality, strengthening of competitiveness of SMEs and entrepreneurs and attracting domestic and foreign investments.

Competence of the Economic Council includes putting forward problems, initiatives and providing recommendations to the mayor, municipal assembly, municipal administration departments and other relevant institutions at local level and level of the Republika Srpska related to facilitating and speeding up business operations, growth and development of companies and entrepreneurship in the territory of the Prnjavor Municipality.



The main tasks of the Economic Council:

  • Identification of administrative and other barriers and bottle necks that hinder, slow down and impair business operations of economic operators, and starting new entrepreneurial and business activities in the territory of the municipality;
  • Regular mutual informing of public and private sector;
  • Monitoring and assessment of effectiveness of policies, measures and instruments affecting the improvement of competitiveness of companies and strengthening entrepreneurship;
  • Giving recommendations and proposals leading to reduction and elimination of barriers, improvement of business environment and competitiveness of the economy, and more effective, harmonised and efficient support to development of entrepreneurship and economy as a whole;
  • Considering and initiating other useful initiatives to improve entrepreneurship and competitiveness of companies, and economic and social growth of the municipality as a whole.

The Economic Council consists of 19 members: 8 representatives of the Municipal Administration and key public institutions, and 11 representatives of private sector.
Members of the Economic Council of the Prnjavor Municipality from the public sector are:

  • Mayor of Prnjavor
  • The president of the Municipal Assembly
  • Head of Department for Spatial Development
  • Head of Department for Housing, Utilities and Investments
  • Head of Department for Local Economic Development and Social Activities
  • Head of Department for Inspection
  • Representative of the Employment Service of the Republika Srpska
  • Representative of the Public Institution Centre of Secondary Schools Ivo Andrić Prnjavor

Members of the Economic Council of the Prnjavor Municipality from the private sector are:

  • Moser-Dis d.o.o. – representative from the metal processing sector
  • Mladegs PAK d.o.d. – representative from the food industry
  • Standard a.d. – representative from the wood processing sector
  • Gradip a.d. – representative from the construction sector
  • Komerc-mail – representative from the metal processing sector
  • KLM d.o.o. – representative from the sector of manufacture of leather and footwear
  • Actros d.o.o. – representative from the transport sector
  • Z.T.C. Banja Kulaši – representative from the sector of tourism and hospitality
  • Dejan Petrović – representative from the sector of agriculture
  • Leburić komerc d.o.o. – representative from the wholesale and retail trade sector, major employer in the Prnjavor Municipality