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Industrial sectors with tradition and development potentials

Most of the companies in the territory of the Prnjavor Municipality are active in the area of metal processing, food industry, manufacture of leather and footwear and in the field of trade but it is also worth mentioning the production capacities in the field of wood processing. Those sectors can claim a decade-long tradition, and recognisable brands. The advantage of companies active in the listed sectors is in their commitment to work, and accountability for each employee who are the reason the companies have lasted for that many years.

According to data of the Foreign Trade Chamber of BiH the Prnjavor traders export to five continents. The Prnjavor Municipal Administration has resolved legal and property matters it will start developing the industrial and business zone Vijaka. Given that domestic investors from the mentioned sectors are interested in this matter it may be expected that not only these sectors but also other sectors have successful development in the near future.