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TOPLING d.o.o. company Prnjavor  was established in 1993. It grew from an Engineering Office established in 1986 pursuing project designs and performing central heating works.

From initial five, current newly-established company “TOPLING” d.o.o. Prnjavor employs 150 workers. The company relies on own development and engineering taken care of by 14 employees with university degree.

Initially, production was oriented to electrical boilers and hot-water boilers, intended for central heating of small residential units, family houses, office space and small production workshops.

By monitoring the market and recognizing the needs of the surrounding environment we realised that we can use only our own intellect to respond to the market requirements. Hence, in parallel to the development of production of hot-water boilers, there started the production of oval and round reservoirs for light fuel oil, hot-water heaters, combined boilers made of stainless steel, and other products. Any production, including ours, has experienced considerable change over many years of work and development.

Currently, this is the company tackling international market, owing it primarily to new production programmes of  SASP (automatic sawdust burning system), harmonised with CE standard and BIOTOPLING, series of boilers, using pellet as fuel. Currently, in addition to domestic market, Topling places its products to the markets of Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia, Greece, Hungary, Macedonia, Romania, France, Italy and Russia.

TOPLING recently started the cooperation with European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) implementing the programme of financing residential green economy of the Western Balkans aiming at providing information on efficient equipment, materials and solutions for residential projects. TOPLING, as the company recognised by production of eco-efficient solutions, participates in the project, and therefore buyers of our products exercise the right to refund 20% of the investment.

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