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"Mladegs Pak" company was established in 1989 producing tasty and quality food products that may be found in more than 11 countries worldwide.

Production portfolio consists of 220 different products produced according to the strictest standards of food industry. It is the opinion in the company that quality raw material becomes a quality product only with smart use of the best possible technology and knowledge.

mladegs pakThe goal and mission of renowned company “Mladegs Pak” from Prnjavor is to connect households, create new jobs, build successful future together, become a reliable partner to each household and be part of each dining table. The company is among the top companies of food industry of the Republika Srpska.

"We particularly try to ensure quality products that will facilitate daily efforts invested by mothers and thus reward them for everything they do for us", is the message from the company where 200 employees take daily care of the quality and entire process of production of rich assortment of food products. A well-known brand Bonito of the company won many rewards for the quality and takes the leading position in certain categories of products in the national market.

In parallel with Bonito, investments are made in new equipment, which results in permanent placement of new products in the market. Recently, there have been introduced two new groups: Boni jam fix, representing an ideal aid in preparing jams and gelling fruit, and oatmeal as a suggestion for fast and healthy breakfast.

"We are proud to say that our sale in the domestic market constantly grows, and it is supported by the fact that we continuously expand our distribution network. By recently opening our new distribution centre we have covered the entire territory of BiH, with over 60 vehicles in the field. At the same time, our activities are not directed only to servicing the national market but we also try to provide the opportunity to foreign customers to enjoy our products. We try to avoid stagnation in our business", representatives of "Mladegs Pak" say.

It is said that a tested recipe for success is reflected in maintaining and improving quality of products, investing in technology, innovation, exploring new market options, respecting all employees and their efforts and meeting requirements and expectations of the customers, in particular mothers who are the pillar of our society.

“Unfair competition is the biggest problem they face in business because considerable part of the competition uses hidden increase of prices. Namely, very often it happens that the quantity on the packaging does not match the actual net weight, which represents direct violation of the Law on the Protection of Consumers. "In addition, many producers of food products launch products which do not meet standards and therefore there should be more persistence in the compliance with legislation in that regard", the company representatives say adding that there is a problem about business culture which they consider as unhealthy.

We believe that it is important to start the proper application of current legislation within the Law on Food and Law on the Protection of Consumers as soon as possible.

“Given that we market our products throughout BiH, we face problems of different legislation in Entities, and therefore we believe that it is very important to harmonise legislation of the RS and FBiH, so that our business can run smoothly", representatives of "Mladegs Pak" say.

Plans for the future are reflected in winning new markets, as they believe that quality and a range of products can make them be successful in competition with foreign companies.

Source: Nezavisne novine