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Work on raising standards in the production and quality of products are the main principles on which business of Meat Industry "Trivas" from Prnjavor is based. This is sooner or later recognised by consumers and awarded by their trust. The company is engaged in the production of preserved meat products, charcuterie and durable sausages and semi-durable products.

Although established several year before, January 2006 was when the production started, while in the next few years main focus was on building infrastructure and equipping facilities. From the then 29 the number of employees increased to 81 and it continues to grow.

Their serious work was recognised also by many partners and therefore "Trivas" has excellent business cooperation with renowned brands such as "Podravka" and "Perutnina Ptuj", for which they provide the service of production of preserved products, which makes almost half of the entire production.

Jelena Vasić, deputy company director, said the year of 2015 had been the most successful year since the establishment. The good results continued in the last year where the company accomplished production of approximately 2,000 tons annually.

"In 2017 we plan to invest in the expansion of capacities for drying durable dry sausages and charcuterie as it was a bottleneck in the production so far. We will start with the implementation of the investment in one month. Our products may be found in retail chains throughout BiH, and we also plan to export. We are currently negotiating with buyers in Serbia, Kosovo and Albania and we hope BiH will not remain our only market", she said.

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According to her, they see the recipe for success in the commitment and persistence because political and economic conditions are not favourable for business, and producers encounter many problems, from the lack of raw materials to unfair competition.

It is one of the rare companies respecting principles of healthy competition and therefore they see other producers in the manufacture industry as partners, and not rivals.

"Unfair competition introduces dumping prices which are not in line with prices at the stock market of raw material and of that what affects forming selling prices. However, we also have a fair competition and many serious producers in the territory of the RS and BiH with whom we have close cooperation trying to implement projects and establish associations in order to create better conditions for everyone as the situation is not harmless at all. That is the positive side of the business", Trivić says.

Major problem to them as the company is the lack of resources and source of raw materials, in particular pork, and they must import a great deal.

"Primary production has been almost destroyed and this problem must be raised to the level of the state. The state has to provide more subsidies and find certain methods to revive the production. A farmer today is not interested in staying in the countryside as it is not worth his while. Only small number of producers is in breeding business as it is simply unprofitable", she concluded.


Source: Nezavisne novine