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Under its “Programme of incentives for employment of hardly employable categories”, the Prnjavor Municipality ensured financial support to economic operators in employing new workers in order to encourage employment of vulnerable categories and reduce unemployment in the territory of the Prnjavor Municipality. Incentives will be used to co-finance part of net salary of new workers and part of charge for taxes and contributions of new workers, for the period of six months. Companies using the incentives will employ persons from the mentioned vulnerable categories and are obliged to keep them employed for minimum 12 months. Employer is obliged to pay all duties prescribed by law (taxes and contributions) for paid salary (which may not be under the amount of incentive).

Final beneficiaries are economic operators:

  • Registered in the territory of the Prnjavor Municipality
  • Who duly paid taxes and contributions,
  • Who have not discharged their workers as redundant in the past 12 months before the publishing of public call,
  • Currently not using incentives from other sources.